The Seed- Vegan Lifestyle Expo

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This weekend I had a chance to visit The Seed which was a vegan lifestyle expo. It was an amazing experience! I spoke with many different vegan organizations and vendors. When I say being vegan, I don’t mean just food. I mean being vegan as a lifestyle. That means being conscious of what you are buying, what companies you are supporting, and how you are educating yourself about the alternatives that are out there. I have a secret to admit, I am not yet a vegan. I am a vegetarian slowly but surely moving in direction of becoming vegan. That is why I found this expo to be so invigorating, it made we want to give up all my cheese in that moment and throw out all my silk ties! I do realize that no one is perfect and that any steps we take towards bettering ourselves are absolutely amazing.

So let me get right into the organizations and vendors that I really enjoyed talking to and learning about!

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Learn how to be an athlete with a plant based diet

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Their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans.

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Donate, adopt an animal, volunteer or even stay at their homestead and learn more about their animals!

There was so much delicious food and surprisingly a lot of it was also gluten free, so basically welcome to heaven for me.

DF- Mavens- ” The New Standard for Dairy- Free Ice Cream”

They have ice creams made from different bases, some coconut, almond or soy. Every ice cream flavor they had was gluten free as well as. My personal favorite was the mint almond cookie. Delicioso!

DF Mavens

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